Womens Health

President Obama and his administration is facing a tough decision with regards to the coverage of contraception after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the religious business owners. The high court voted 5 to 4 that religious firms don’t need to provide contraception in their worker’s health insurance plans if it was against the owner’s beliefs. The majority also […]

Fiber That Aids Weight Loss

Fiber is a well known nutrient, but not well understood. Put simply, fiber refers tocarbohydrates that cannot be digested by humans. They are classified as either soluble or insoluble, depending on whether they dissolve in liquids. Insoluble fibers function mostly as bulking agents and are not very interesting. However, soluble fiber can havepowerful effects on health and metabolism ( Different […]

Weight Loss Excercises

Just because it’s common, that doesn’t make us crazy about wearing swimmers with dimply thighs on show. The key to removing cellulite is to decrease fat deposits. If you’re stuck at work and don’t have time to get to the gym, take advantage of the office staircase. Sure, you’ll look a bit strange to begin with, but by upping your […]